Millennials Calling

Welcome To The Millennials Calling Midweek Bible Study Class .. GLCC Research on Millennials ( Born 1981 and 1994) Age 25-40.

Millennials follow innovative leaders. Millennials will follow excellent leaders, who are gospel-centered, loving and can understand culture, Scripture and where they intersect. Training a Bible teacher who can engage a variety of learning styles and gospel conversations rather than talking points will enhance their study of God’s Word and understanding of the gospel. Millennials share what’s important. Millennials live and work in a world of informational super highways. They learn from TED talks, podcasts and other online platforms. Therefore, millennials seek to learn deep concepts and apply the learning to not only their own lives but also those around them.

So where do you begin? Pray and learn.

Pray for God to provide relationships with millennials. Go to places in your community where millennials gather.

Learn the culture. We must understand their culture in order to love and disciple them well. Create a new format of teaching, caring and sharing that works with their culture. We hope that the Global Gathering is Doing That For You!

Talk Here about your Take-Away's From The Reading Material and How this helps you and can be helpful to others in your generation.

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